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7 Shed Storage Ideas For Spring Organization

How can you organize your shed space? Too many tools or seasonal items in the way? These items can start to take up valuable space in the shed or garage. How do you save your home storage space from becoming a seasonal storage hot spot? These 7 shed storage ideas will keep your home in order and your valuables safe. .

Clean-Up – Task #1

Cleaning Supplies

Learn what you have in your garage or shed by taking inventory. Get rid of broken tools and products you no longer use. Come up with a floor plan for your space before restocking. 

Use Pegboard to Organize 

Hang tools on the wall with an easy install pegboard. Check out Family Handyman’s guide for using and installing this type of shed storage.

Self Storage Can Help! 

Green Patio Seats

A storage unit, big or small, can make a huge difference when saving space around the house. Use our Fenwick Island storage units to help with keeping the cushions clean and patio furniture out of the workshop. 

Install Custom Shelves 

Custom Workshop Shelves

You do not have to spend your entire budget on shelving for your garage or shed; instead, make your own out of scrap wood you already have. Check out this DIY shelf!

Get Creative With Toy Storage 

A cubby style shelf can be the perfect solution for storing toys. Kids can easily put their toys away when finished playing. 

Divide Up Your Space

 Shed Storage Ideas

Section out parts of your shed for each category of tools. Gardening tools can be stored together in a bucket, car supplies are better stored on a shelf, and devote a part for paint supplies with this DIY organizer

Go Magnetic! 

Magnet Holding Tools

Magnets can be an easy shed storage idea. Secure a few magnetic strips to the wall and hang tools like paintbrushes and screwdrivers in front of your work area. Save your soup cans and use them in the shed for storing pencils. 

Fenwick Island Self Storage can help around the house with your storage needs. Our extra storage space can be the storage solution this spring! Contact our team or rent online today for self storage in Fenwick Island DE.