Located on the Delaware/Maryland State line of Fenwick Island DE/Ocean City, MD

Commercial Storage: Excel Your Business

How is a business supposed to grow if you do not give it the space to do so? Find the space you need with commercial storage from Fenwick Island Self Storage. We have interior and drive-up storage units ready for you to move in your inventory and supplies. 

When Would Your Business Need Storage?

If your business is starting up, moving locations, or expanding, commercial storage can give you piece of mind knowing your items are safe in a secure facility. You can rent self storage long-term or short-term depending on your needs, and storing is flexible with our month-by-month leasing. So whether you need to store your whole shop during a move or just need seasonal items tucked away for a few months, Fenwick Island Self Storage has you covered.

Jobs That Use Commercial Storage


Whether you work in construction, painting, electrical work, or landscaping, you have a lot of equipment and materials to juggle for each job. Organize supplies for future projects out of your way until you are ready for them. Your whole team can access everything they need for a job in a nearby storage unit. 

Restaurants and Catering Businesses

Where are you currently storing your extra tables, chairs, and equipment? Most restaurants do not have ample storage space in the back, and catering businesses usually work only out of a commercial kitchen. Each business also needs storage for marketing materials and seasonal decorations. Drive-up units are especially helpful when you need to load or unload large furniture or bulky items from your vehicle.

E-Commerce & Brick-and-Mortar Stores

One word: inventory. Especially if you are running a business from home, inventory is probably starting to take up a lot of your space. Use a storage unit to keep your supplies, products, and orders organized so you can run your business as smoothly as possible. Keep extra furniture stocked away until you are ready to change up the layout of your shop. 

Grow Your Business in Fenwick Island DE

Fenwick Island Self Storage sits right on the Delaware-Maryland border, and we gladly serve our North Ocean City MD neighbors as well as those on Fenwick Island DE out to Williamsville DE. Right near the Fenwick Island Lighthouse, we are a convenient and affordable commercial storage option for local businesses. We offer interior and drive-up storage units to fit all your needs. Rent or reserve a storage unit with Fenwick Island Self Storage, and start giving your business the space it needs to grow!