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Located on the Delaware/Maryland State line of Fenwick Island DE/Ocean City, MD

Refer a Friend for Storage Savings with Us

Are you planning on moving soon? A large number of people have decided to move since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, and we looked at just what caused that spike in moves. Fenwick Island Self Storage has supported many tenants through their moves and offers flexible storage options for local residents looking for some extra space. You can refer a friend to our storage facility to save money, too—$50 off your next rental. Find your storage solution here!

Why Have So Many People Moved Since February 2020?

  1. Expenses Outweighed the Reward. Would you stay in New York, Brooklyn, or Chicago if you worked from home and only left the house to get groceries? Those cities saw the most residents move out, but they certainly were not the only ones. Many of the selling points of a city were taken away through restrictions and COVID precautions. So when people had decide whether to stay in the city or leave, paying city rent was definitely a determining factor.
  2. Crowded Areas Spread the Virus. The CDC told people to stay 6 feet away from one another. However, densely populated areas do not always have the space to do that. For their own safety, some people moved to a more spread out and lower populated area.
  3. City Government Restricted Most Attractions. City majors had to take big steps for residents to follow their guidelines, and many residents were not happy that they no longer had the freedom they once had. On the other hand, rural communities not too far away had far more lenient restrictions.

Refer a Friend for Even Cheaper Storage!

Do you live in or are you moving to Fenwick Island DE? Fenwick Island Self Storage is your premier location for affordable storage units in the area. We offer both drive-up and interior storage, and our storage experts can find you the right size to suit your needs. Refer a friend before your next visit, and you can each save $50 off your rental. Come by our storage facility on Lighthouse Road to take a tour, or choose to rent your storage online!

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