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Steps For Selling Extra Gear Online

In need a spring cleaning? Fenwick Island Self Storage has space and convenient storage options for getting your space in order. After a long winter, you may be looking to decrease your items, have you considered selling online? Your gently used gear may still be worth something to someone. We have tips to get everything organized and online ready, from pictures, to what to sell Fenwick Island Self Storage has you covered.

Fenwick Island Self Storage is located on Lighthouse Road along the Delaware state border. With our help you can find extra space for your personal items and a few belongings you are trying to sell. Make you room while you wait for the ideal offer to come along.

Selling Online Fenwick Island DE

How Can I Sell Online?

  1. Clean clear photos will make your belongings stand out. Blurry images can be to difficult for a buyer to view or trust.
  2. Descriptions will help make set the scene. Many selling sites allow multiple items to be sold together, with the help of multiple pictures.
  3. Wear and tear? Be upfront if the item is working, has marks, or scuffs.
  4. Set a time limit for your benefit and your customers. A timed sale will intrigue buyers, and give you a date to reevaluate your belongings.

What to Sell Online?

  1. College students use online sites like Etsy to make profit during the semester. Have a unique skill? Sell your products easily online.
  2. Gaming systems you have outgrown can still be worth something. Find the right market for these electronics, some may be considered collectibles.
  3. Moving? Cut back on furniture you may not have room for in the new place by selling it.

Where Can I Sell Belongings?

Fenwick Island Self Storage has storage experts to answer your questions and online resources to make storing simple. Check out our storage calculator and online storage rentals in Fenwick Island DE.