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Find the Best Storage Supplies in Fenwick Island DE

Are you looking for storage near Fenwick Island DE? We at Fenwick Self Storage offer affordable storage options as well as the best storage supplies selection in Fenwick Island DE. In October, we are giving a percentage of our storage supplies sales to Susan G. Komen in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Be a part of something bigger when you store with Fenwick Island Self Storage. 

When you begin preparing your items for storage, follow these tips for the most efficient packing.

1. Boxes Need Labels

If you are not labeling your boxes, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage when it comes to unpacking your boxes. Label your boxes with their designated room and their contents. It will be easier to find that specific serving dish later when you can just look at the side of the box inside of opening every box and sifting through it. 

2. Reserve Storage Units Weeks in Advance

Before you have all your boxes packed up, you should be thinking about what kind of storage you need. Fenwick Island Self Storage gives you the option of reserving storage for a specific move-in date for the future. Simply choose your preferred storage, and complete the payment before your move-in date.

3. Do Not Pack Too Heavy

You should pack your heavier items in small boxes, so they are easier to carry and do not end up overloading a large box. This will help avoid boxes breaking and any injury from carrying too much weight.

The Best Storage Supplies in Fenwick Island DE

Fenwick Island Self Storage can fulfill all your storage needs. We offer drive-up and interior storage units that available to be rented or reserved. In addition to storage, we have the best storage supplies selection in Fenwick Island DE with boxes, bubble wrap, storage locks, and so much more. Stop by or call our facility with any questions. Find your storage solution with us!