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Which Storage Supplies Do You Need?

What size storage unit is best for your move? Which storage supplies make the most sense? These are common questions we hear when customers start to plan their move and Fenwick Island Self Storage has all the solutions you need here! Our facility in Fenwick Island DE is not only a great place to rent extra space, but we can also give you a few tips for purchasing storage supplies that make your transition a little easier. 

Tape Dispenser Storage Supplies - Tape Rolls Storage Supplies - Box Locks

Supplies For Storage – The Basics 

  1. Containers -Grab a range of boxes from a small, medium, or large box, a variety will help you pack all your precious items. 
  2. Locks – Secure your storage unit after everything is inside with one of our locks. 
  3. Covers – Both furniture and plastic tarps are available on site! We also have mattress covers for every size as well.
  4. Tape – Grab a few rolls and a dispenser to make putting boxes together fast. 
  5. Bubble Wrap – Protect your items from bumps along the way with bubble wrap. 

Our storage calculator can help you determine the correct size storage unit for your move or you can talk with a store manager today. They can walk you through renting and even give you a few pointers on supplies. Another great resource to use while moving is U-Haul’s calculator. Since they have moving experts all over the U.S. they take the guesswork out of purchasing supplies. 

Talk with the experts at Fenwick Island Self Storage to find the solutions you need while moving. Our professionals on site can give you the peace of mind you are looking for as well as simple steps to renting storage in Fenwick Island DE.

You can also rent online and speed up the process. Choose your storage unit, sing the monthly lease and start moving your belongings to storage.